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ARC Schools Competition - Planeteers

​The environmental team of North Bundaberg SHS, the North High Planeteers, consists of a number of students who are helping to raise awareness about the importance of living sustainably and caring for the natural environment within the school community. They are involved in many projects which encourage the students to consider the impact of their attitudes and actions in their everyday lives.  The North High Planeteers are participating in the ARC (Australian Recycled Cartonboard) Schools Competition, which involves advising the community to not only recycle waste but to buy recycled packaged items, to complete the whole process. Unless recycled products are actually used and consumed, recycling becomes redundant as a sustainable process.

The competition aims to engage the Bundaberg community to help make a change to their buying habits, reusing paper and cartonboard over and over, rather than relying on logging to provide new materials all the time. One of the spin-offs from this process is that it reduces waste in the environment, particularly where the ‘landfill’ crisis is concerned. It also removes the market for High Conservation Value Forests.

Students from years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 have been involved in the development and presentation of North High School’s entry into the ARC Schools Competition this year.

Ideas for the large central picture on calico came from Senior Science 21 students: Paul Egan, Paul Kearney, Luke Nebe and Zac Henningsen. The picture was painted by their teacher, the coordinator for the Planeteers, Mrs Sue Firinne.

The other paintings were created by students:

Felicity Mitchell-Benko, Debbie Blanch, Taylor Whiteman, Ainslee Beeston, Rachel Hill, Jessica Bujayer and Taylor Klaasen.

The presentation was performed at the Bounce Back Concert at North Bundaberg State High School in May. The presenters were students: Summer Stevens, Stephanie Brocklehurst, Megan Wein, Taylor Whiteman, Bianca Potter, Ainslee Beeston and Rachel Hill.

These students also assisted in the writing of the words, which were spoken and sung, and performed at the concert:

    • Reclaim recycled
    • Imitate the Earth
    • Reuse it, don’t abuse it
    • Make recycling work.